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Hip Hop, Indie

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k.flay, kadyelle, dessa, sage francis, cecil otter, thorts

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Kady Starling FKA Kadyelle


k.flay, sage francis, dessa, cecil otter, ceschi

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Kady Starling began writing and releasing music in 2007 in Perth, Western Australia, under multiple pseudonyms. Kady Starling has two LP’s (2010, 2013) and several mixtapes released under the name Kadyelle. In 2013, Kady won Triple J’s Unearthed GTM competition for her works as Kadyelle, which coincided with the release of her LP, ‘The Theory of Everything’. Kady Starling has previously performed and toured with a number of international and local acts, including Sage Francis, Allday, Seth Sentry, Looptroop Rockers, M-Phazes and many more.

NEW RELEASE: Leaning heavily on her well-established self-deprecating and introspective writing style, ‘Waiting to Expire’ (2018) is a melancholic solo extended player, with gritty and evocative production from French outfit, Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat. Kady Starling’s 5-track EP is constructed as a B-Side to Thorts’ EP, ‘Come What May’, with each track offering a reimagining of Thorts’ (potentially more optimistic) A-Side. ‘Waiting to Expire’ is eulogistic in style; both guarded and revealing in equal parts and is available to purchase online as a digital download or on 12” vinyl.


Review by Hau Latukefu Hau Latukefu

18 Feb 2019

Triple J

Kady always coming through with the lyrics. Good to hear her back in the fold.

Kady always coming through with the lyrics. Good to hear her back in the fold.