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Written by Kali Azzura; Produced by Matthew Giovannangelo, Voices - Kali Azzura; Drums - Matthew Giovannangelo. Guitars - Dan (Sneaky Weasel Gang)


Kali Azzura was born late one night in cyberspace and carried by the Youtube stork into thousands of unsuspecting homes around the globe. Revered for her raw emotional performances, often of covers and usually on an old nylon string guitar accompanied by her own layered vocal harmonies, Kali has earned herself a cult following who have left her messages like this: "Your music touched my soul." Jewel Campbell (Lancaster, PA) "What a beautiful voice! I'm a hairy bloke so it's quite a sensation when they all stand on end..." steveoscott (on Youtube) "WOW WOW WOW have only just seen her on you tube & i love her voice :-) This chick rocks :-)" Katherine Smith "GAH IM OBSESSED" Lyndsie Carey (Scranton High School) "Excellent!! Gave me goosebumps... Way to project the human spirit.... Shine on!" floydcerati (on Youtube) "You know you're a fan when you come home drunk from a heavy night of drinking and instead of making those embarrassing phone calls to all your Ex's, you lay on your bed - volume turned on full blast - youtube Kali Azzura with or without you, and just SOBBING YOUR EYES OUT! yup that was me a week ago...! ;)" rohanieafricagirl (on Youtube) She independently released her first official studio recording in May 2011 on Bandcamp. It was a temporary departure from the intimate bedroom recordings and instead resulted in a catchy collaboration. The track, ‘When You Speak’, was recorded and produced at Studio Couch, Fremantle, WA by Matt Giovannangelo (Voltaire Twins), who also played the drums. Dan from Sneaky Weasel Gang played the guitars.