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Punk, Rock

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Dick Dale-vocals, Pat the Shark Ghoul-drums, Yukky-bass, stevo-guitar


iggy and the Stooges, Dwarves, Six Ft Hick


In South Australia in the blandly pleasant summer of 2002, the damaged minds of Dick Dale (Gacys Place, Smegma) and Defro Stingray aka Gary McGillirvray (Gacys Place, Death Sentence.) began to plot and scheme a cunning plan over more than a few Ice cold Coopers beers. Birds were singing, children were playing and the pair felt that Adelaide bands at the time needed a giant razar blade coated rocket up their collective asses. That week they formed a band that was to be a cocktail of high energy guitar fuelled original punk rock songs and unpredictable crazy stage antics in which every gig would be guaranteed to crash and burn in a blur of feedback, beer and madness. This was and still is KAMIKAZE. Various forms of the many line up changes of KAMIKAZE have graced the stage with the likes of the Twits, Six Foot Hick, H-Block 101, Bug girl, Zombie Ghosttrain, Legends of Motorsport and the Spazzys just to name a few who are sort of famous round certain circles. Look out for KAMIKAZE at the Victorian 'Wasted' Punk Rock Festival in September and supporting the UK Subs also in Melbourne in March Do you like great high energy rock, try hard rock moves, a lead singer that dances like a spastic, talks utter garbage and has an infatuation with death and jelly? Do you want a memory sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you think back to that fateful night when you met your lovely toothless drunken wife who you stole off the band? Dont miss KAMIKAZE!!!