Artist info


Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

DJ Shimamura, Sound Avtar, Kaminari Knight

band members

Michael Holmes


DJ Shimamura, Sound Avtar, Aphex twin, Karsh Kale, Camellia (Japan)

Unearthed artists we like

Yarhkob, KUCKA , Catlips, D-JEONG, Lilt



Michael Holmes aka Kaminari Knight (カミナリ・ナイト) is a 24-year-old composer, producer and DJ originally from Perth but currently living in Yokohama, Japan. He most often makes (but not limited to) turbocharged, beat-driven Electronic music, often with a significant influence from Japanese Anime and Games, but sometimes likes to create something completely different.
Kaminari Knight always looks for ways to make his music unique and different from that of other musicians in the same musical realms.