Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Wiggles, Clash, Greenday

band members

ANDY - Vocals/guitar, SVEN - Lead guitar, CHRIS - Bass,


Green day, jebadiah, obese impact

Unearthed artists we like

Andy Mac (sydney)


Set to save the world using nothing but pro-nouns, KANG hit the Sydney scene with no regard for their personal safety. So lock up your letter openers and sanitize your spinning wheels!... I don't know why either, just go with it. KANG began their live career in much the same way as they perform onstage, a crazed whirlwind of excitement, improv, and all with little to no regard for their own safety. It was early 2007 when the Sydney four-piece hit the stage playing for the first time in support of English band Lex Lucian. There were no plans for a follow up show, not until the Pommy’s said “You colonials aren’t ‘alf bad” and booked them to play 5 more shows. Since those first crazy weeks of gigging KANG have gone on to release 2 EP’s. The first self-titled EP distributed by MGM and Regal Records, and their independent creation ‘Your Money or Your life!’ The bands latest tunes 'I heart radio' and 'Alex' have been independently released on Itunes and with two more singles due to be released in late 2013 early 2014 there is plenty of new KANG about to come your way. So join us and... HANG OUT WITH YOUR KANG OUT! ** Please note: Every good rating on a KANG song means a cute little puppy is born! ** [DISCLAIMER: Actual cuteness of puppy may vary]