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Sounds like

Lapalux, Flume, Purity Ring

band members

Dave Petrie - producer


Seekae, Bonobo, Lapalux

Unearthed artists we like

Ashes , Embassy , Cosmo's Midnight , j.rojas , We Are The Brave


I am a solo producer from Sydney, with my first upcoming EP set to be released in the early Summer. I've always written ballad style guitar and vocal tunes since first learning how to play when I was 12. Then the dub step era opened my eyes up to electronic production and I moved on to enjoying the sounds of Seekae, Flying Lotus, Lapalux, Shlohmo and Bonobo - which influence began to my music each in their own ways. My desire for deeper and ambient sounds and more punchy percussion emerged at the end of 2012, landing my first ever gig in february, followed by a show in the Gallery Bar at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney for 'No Dice Paradise'.