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Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie

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Kieran O'Regan


What So Not, Wave Racer, Daft Punk

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Jacob Diamond, GRRL PAL


Kaoe, is a preternatural being originating from a galaxy far far away, although others refer to him as an Electronic Music Producer from Perth, Western Australia. After picking up his first guitar, he showcased great talent developing his background in acoustic rhythms, melodies and leads in which he now has contorted with the ever developing sensation known as electronic music. Influenced by earlier pioneers such as ‘The Beatles,’ ‘Daft Punk,’ ‘Moby,’ and now by the more recent innovators, ‘Flume,’ ‘Crystal Castles,’ and 'Skrillex,' Kaoe has developed his own unique style, engineered by his ominous sounds, tumultuous harmonies and eccentric bounce that represents him as an artist. With so much yet to achieve, Kaoe strives to entice every being bound to his radiant sounds, thus to develop an army capable of defending planet earth!!! Although, he will settle for a few new friends first...



29 Mar 2013


i love the samples! so groovieee

i love the samples! so groovieee