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Pop, Dance

Sounds like

Moloko, Erykah Badu, Sia

band members

vocals- kapella beats- gerard sidhu & mark john


Lauryn Hill, John Lennon, Kimbra


KAPELLA BIO Australia’s profound musical landscape is pleased to include the artist, lyricist, songwriter and vocalist ‘Kapella’ amongst its ranks. With the essence of her powerful mentors Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, the searing passion of John Lennon, and the gypsy love of Janis Joplin, Kapella’s musical journey is sure to make an indelible impact on all who heed. An eclectic range of influences has fed Kapella’s diverse sound, whereby she is comfortable with fusing both the dance and soul, the playful and peaceful. Kapella’s performances are no exception; whereby her sound can just as quickly translate from the depths of an intimate bonfire-like setting, to the high-octane energy of a 1000-strong party on a dance floor. Provided there is a microphone present, Kapella’s sound is undoubtedly suited. Having been singing in numerous popular nightclubs, festivals and events around Melbourne and Interstate for the past five years, Kapella recently took time off to do some soul-searching in Byron Bay.Upon her return she has been working on orignal material and spending more time in the studio that on stage. This rediscovery of the therapeutic beauty of art steered Kapella in a new direction and is now armed with a powerful vision for what her musical future holds and the emotional response she is able to produce from an audience. This time away allowed her to further develop her notably quirky and quick-sharp lyrical prowess drawing inspiration from any medium the surrounding environment may offer. No subject matter is free and untapped as Kapella’s lyrical capacity indulges in every available power from colour to heartache, from life to noise, from mentors to pain, from bodies to imagination. Kapella has trained at some of Melbourne’s most rewarded vocal schools and is constantly growing as an artist. With music and writing constantly feeding her creative soul she is ready to share something new and emblematic of what hard work, dedication, time and honesty can create. Stayed tuned for the new works and tracks to come out in the next coming months...