Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Bad Brains, The Bronx, turbonegro

band members

William Snandrews - Vocals; Bj Smith - Bass; Adam Webster - Guitar; Tim Carter - Drums


G.G Allin, Iggy and the Stooges, dillinger escape plan


BJ - was born in the US and has had steady jobs working for the likes of T-Pain and R. Kelly, world renowned for his ability to make any song that is good, shit. He lives Minnesota with his 14 children, and is currently dating Susan Boyle. He likes boils. Will - grew up in a slum in South Africa, investing in a small pony and selling photos with it to tourists. After using all the profits to follow his dream of becoming a world famous clothing designer his idea was stolen by Miucca Prada and he returned to South Africa. When he was 10 he discovered that he a talent for everything, and by age 13 he had discovered the cure for aids. He now lives in New Jersey and is on-the-road vocalist for boyz-2-men, he is yet to be kissed. Tim - Spontaneously generated from a pile of ectoplasmic goo in 1984 as a fully grown adult. Since then has had a stream of successes as a professional swimmer, he is known to catch fish by swimming faster than them, but only in water of a perfect temperature. Hixy or Ryan as he is sometimes known actually has more genetically in common with a gorilla than human beings and keeps his gorgeously smooth skin with a strict shaving schedule every morning. Adam - plays for the Parramatta Eels and is considered a leading player for the club given his experience at club and representative level. His brother Ian Hindmarsh used to play for the Eels in the same position as Adam. He is the current co-holder (with Shaun Fensom) of the world record for the most tackles made in a single game: in Round 23 of the 2007 NRL season he made 75 tackles against the Melbourne Storm. He is also believed to be the first player to make 10,000 tackles in the NRL. "He is a machine. He hasn't got an ideal body. He's got a sway back and fat gut and funny bum. But physiologically he's got something inside him and he keeps going and going." -Brian Smith ''