Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Flume, Chet Faker, Tash Sultana, Seekae

band members

Jessica Johns- lead vocals, guitar, keys Jack Herz- bass, guitar, vocals, synth, drum pad Josh Bertossa- guitar Louise Horobin- keys


Portishead, Future Islands, Grimes, The xx


Kashaguava consists of the powerful and attention-grabbing vocals of Jessica Johns, the multi-instrumentalism of Jack Herz, the face-melting guitar-riffage of Josh Bertossa and the beautifully melodic keys of Louise Horobin.

Having originally formed in 2012, the original lineup was not long for this world due to artistic differences and as a result, Kashaguava shortly disbanded near the end of their high-school education. Despite this setback, its founding members continued to make music together over the years and hoped that one day, the band would rise from the ashes to play once more.

Flash forward to 2016 when a fateful jam session brought the band back together and re-introduced Jessica Johns as lead singer (moving up from the status of band groupie) rhythm guitarist and occasional pianist. 2017 will see the band release their debut single "FM" and play a variety of shows in their hometown of Adelaide.


Review by Nat Tencic Nat Tencic

21 Feb 2017

Triple J

This has all the drama of an encroaching storm.

This has all the drama of an encroaching storm.