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Roots, Indie


Hunter S.

band members

Kate Golding - Guitar, Vocals. Max Blake - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonic Octave Generator. Tomas Stevenson - Sea Bass & Ambi-Synth. Jimi Conor - Electronic Guitar & Glocken-rocken-spiel. Declan Kelly - Drums & Percussion. Natalia Sterling - Substitution musical support.


Hunter S.

Unearthed artists we like

Cub Sport, Hello Yoko, Charlie Mayfair, Gung Ho, jerky


In April of 2010, a disillusioned hillbilly met a confused, young puppeteer amidst the chaotic goings-on of a mutual friends’ house-gathering. They began by floundering blindly into the great unseen, simultaneously managing to transport audiences to a rainy, Sunday morning. It was given the name kate & max. Not before this moment had either of the two fathomed the idea of fusing together 12 steel strings, fifty-six flat keys, a soothing sweet and a mellow husk into a symbiotic musical organism.