Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Madonna, Blondie, Tina Arena,, Divinyls, Melissa Etheridge, Chrissy Amphlett

band members

Ekaterina Kakoules- singer/ songwriter, performer.


Rage Against the Machine, Blondie, Evanescence, Alicia keys, Divinyls


Exciting news coming up real soon, can't wait to share. Katerina is a cheeky bubbly loving down to earth girly girl who loves to laugh, that loves to create and share with the world, her work is about love sorrow and pain.
Her original first song that Katerina ever wrote was about sorrow and pain, some of her other lyrics is about happiness, joy,love, laughter, they will make you smile laugh and cry these songs anyone can relate to and grow too.
Katerina has been working with Toofarproductions Sevcon for the last 4 years recording her original songs been writing for more than 14 years now, which consist of not only lyrics but poems and prayers. Katerina started off as a dancer when she was young then turned to singing at a much older age as she found this to be one of her hidden loves in life to be able to sing and share her emotions.

She shares " I grew up with Michael Jackson and Rocky would you believe as michael's music did something to me that i cannot explain as soon as a jackson song was on i couldn't help but dance it was definantly in my blood his music just gave me goose bumps i just had to get up and dance and boy did i dance lol."