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Michael Jackson, the beatles


From time to time someone comes along that just stands out from the rest. In this case, he may as well be 9 foot tall with 7 biomechanical limbs. Having the ability to create, perform and finalise your own music isn't a skill that is mastered very often. And add to that the capacity, know-how and desire to take on multiple instruments - Drums, Guitar, Keys - and you have yourself one man who can express his emotions with total honesty. He writes lyrics with meaning, bass lines that groove, and drum beats with feel and motion. His contemporary productions, a combination of pop/rock with a RnB vocal quality, set him apart from the rest of the commercial music world. He is Kay.K.BayZ. Talented and Unique, New and Fresh yet Seasoned. Did I hear you ask "…but can he sing?" Check it out for yourself – discover the mystery that is Kay.K.BayZ and get caught up in his world: