Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Tame Impala,Diiv Beach Fossils, Snail Mail, Violent Soho

band members

Matthew Macken Sam Macken Callum Wulff Ben Nixon


King Gizzard, Snail Mail, Tame Impala, Diiv



Kaziah are a surf/dream pop/ indie rock band based in the Blue Mountains Consisting of Matt and Sam Macken, Callum Wulff and Ben Nixon. The band formed from a music class at St Columba's in Springwood, utilizing inherently simple sounds, covering tame impalas "solitude is bliss" and a few other throwaway originals. Additionally, the band sought out to explore new and eccentric genres, and composed a variety of songs over the course of 2017 to early 2018 where they would release their debut EP, "EP" in which each song obtained a different and unique inspiration. the unusual mix of psychedelic- pop rock, funk and surf rock in the EP would land the group a small following of mountains youth, as the band played various gigs at katoomba's junction 142, lawson pub, the baroque room, the mechanics institute, the annandale hotel, and small house parties just to name a few. Throughout this prorogued period of almost ceaseless live sets the lads once again explored new sounds with the heavy influences of bands such as Snail Mail, Violent Soho, Beach Fossils, Diiv and ty segall. This would change and initially define kaziah's current sound as they work towards recording an album but more so an original and distinctive soundscape of melancholic shoegazy chords, dreamy riffs and warm, drawn out vocal harmonies, unconsciously evoked by the cold but extravagant atmosphere of the blue mountains.