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Keelan Callaghan


ELO, Smashing Pumpkins, Mac Demarco, Diiv, Casey Neistat



Brisbane based artist Keelan Callaghan has been looming around the local scene in a number of bands for a few years, however early February saw him release his debut single as a soloist. “Sundays” gained some great reviews with its heavy dip of 80s synth and honest lyrical approach to self-doubt.

“San Francisco” is the next release from the self-imposed bedroom producer. It follows a more traditional stripped back structure while still applying attention to the details.
“The track is essentially a love song if you will to the city itself. The feeling of complete bliss that it gave me was inspiring and I knew it was a place that I would be revisiting for the rest of my life.”

Throughout the rest of 2018 he is looking to release a bunch of free material with the intent to release a physical 10” towards the end of the year, so be sure to watch this space religiously.