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Indie, Rock

band members

Ryan K Brennan - guitar, Tilly Gray - vocals & keys, Mitch Scott - bass, Corey Mccrossin: guitar


The War on Drugs, Band of Skulls, Daughter, Jack White



Flirting with reality to breed meaning: the songs invigorate and inform. Feeling and breathing all on their own. Honeyed vocals compliment dynamic guitar lines and salient drums act as adhesive for Keeper's immense sound.

Both avid hat enthusiasts, Tilly and Ryan stumbled upon each other during the early hours of a Sydney morning. Red lights offered little comfort for handsome headdress so the Akubra afflicted pair quickly found amity in each other. A shared infirmity soon revealed itself in the form of foot tapping and distracted conversation. Music diverts and consoles.

The start was Running towards them; its appetite immense and velocity impervious. With comrades Mitch and Coco the four grabbed hold and took flight.