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Neil Jai Singh (born 7th October 1988), who performs under the name KeM (Klowning Every Moment), is an Australian rapper, producer & song writer under the influence of American hip hop. KeM grew up in Sydney till the age of 19, and moved to Brisbane to pull himself in-line after battling a serious drug addiction and facing certain misfortune for his health and mentality. Starting out in 2002 at the age of 13, he wanted to write a song for a girl he had a crush on, KeM asked his cousin (Krazi-E) for help to write up a song (How Could This Be). After this song KeM started writing out more songs until 2004, where he had joined a group called SNG (styles & Grace), where he had made his first recording with the group and moved onto another group named WB (Writaz Block) in Sep. 2005, which the group had broken up over too many disagreements. After this KeM had decided to go solo and working on his own work releasing 2 unofficial albums (Blood’n’Tearz & Wasted Wayz). Which were released for download via Since 2006, he has been producing beats, producing his own tracks and other artist’s, graphic editing portfolio pictures, teaching the rap method & talent and also performing live at various venues & concerts both in Sydney & Brisbane. KeM is starting to collaborate with artists all over the world, showing impressive results and grabbing attention from the big guns.