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Indie, Rock, Roots

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Beck, Tom Petty, Eels, Wilco


Rolling Stones, Towns Van Zandt, Beck, Bob Marley, Neil Yong



The enigma that is Singer Song writer Ken Kunin decided to call time out on his music career. Ken had the unfortunate timing of releasing an album on 9/11. After fronting bands as well putting out a couple of solo records, the native Los Angelino who had put out 6 albums in the 90’s and early 2000’s packed his bags and moved across the world to Brisbane Australia. He started a fitness based business which he still runs today, started a family and put song writing, late nights on the road and studio sessions aside and well… just lived a pretty normal life.

Normal life was suiting him pretty well until life, as it does, threw many a curve ball and when I say curve ball, I mean traumatic life changing events. The effect of events caused Ken to write and record an album which as the Sam Elliot character in The Big Lebowski “The Stranger” would likely describe as “darker’n a black steer’s tookus on a moonless prarie night” Yep, it was pretty dark.

Ken more or less considered “The Life of Goodbye” as a good year long therapy session. While he is proud of the fact that he went in and literally played, recorded and mixed every note on the album, he didn’t do much if anything to promote the album. It was more a personal cathartic experience that didn’t need song and dance to follow. What it did do was renew Ken’s love of writing and playing. In a relatively short period of time, the gigs through South East Queensland grew as well as an already large catalogue of material. In September 2015 Ken linked up with Red Dust Artist Management (who met via Instagram and the 15 second video’s Ken was putting up under the moniker of Mr. Kunin) and was given the challenge to record an EP featuring the songs Ken was playing live and posting online.

Three months down the road, Living in Wynnum has been finished and will now see the light of day. This time round, Kunin limited himself to writing, playing guitar and singing. The album features three other musicians and was mixed by up and coming engineer Luke Woollett.
After playing solo acoustic gigs for the last year, Ken will now be playing as a 4 piece band under the moniker of Ken Kunin & The Crooked Sky and is really excited to showcase songs which feature Ken’s cross genre radio ready material. Living in Wynnum is everything that The Life of Goodbye isn’t. It’s uplifting, commercially viable and expresses Ken’s love of the suburb and state he lives in.

Couple of quick facts about Ken:
Ken owned and ran Underhill Recording in the mid 90's to 2002. His band Davis Waits hit number one on many alternative markets with the song Senorita which Ken wrote and performed on. He also had songs in TV and music which we wrote and performed.
Ken is also an avid sports fan, married to Kathy and has a beautiful 11 year old daughter called Lily.
Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky is the first band that Ken has headed up since the early 2000's. They mix elements of 90's rock with a roots vibe. Their music is very cinematic with it's powerful dynamics.