Artist info


Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Beck, Ben Folds Five, Boy & Bear, Husky, The Dandy Warhols

band members

Kym Packer - Vocals/Guitar/Bass (Studio Drums: Joe Hammond) (Studio Keys: Adrian Whitehead)


The Pixies, REM, Radiohead, Hank Williams, The Beatles, The Wonderstuff,

Unearthed artists we like

Todd Sibbin, Parkville, Wurli, Love Drunk Hearts


Kym Packer has been drinking-up the decades, living, playing and recording all over Australia in different guises. From beginnings in country South Australia, to Adelaide, Perth, Huonville and now Melbourne. Kester Rafferty is the culmination of all of this (with a lot of help from friends): showcasing a love of song-writing, classics sounds and a little-bit of risk taking.