Artist info



Sounds like

Tom Waits, jo cocker

band members

Kevin Starkey- guitar and vocals, Magic Mike Todhunter Key's, T-Roy Rodham Base, Nicko Bird Drums.


Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton, dave bromberge



I'm Proud of my Aboriginal ancestry. I've been playing guitar for 30 years mostly to my wife and family also the occasional open mic night at the local pub. I was prompted to get up and play once. I think they may have created a monster. To be honest,to get the chance to play with the musos of the Woopi area (Woolgoolga) truly inspired me and got me motivated. People have told me over the years i should share my music, as most musicians will tell you, self doubt is the biggest wall, which I finally climbed. So here are three pieces that I selected which I feel show that I can be versatile and address a number of different tastes. I hope those who listen to my music like what they hear and would like to hear more. (After playing 27 years, I've got a lot more)