Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Ataris, The Matches, Kiss Chasey

band members

Jackson Danger Crowe: Guitar & Vox Terry Wood: Bass & Vox Kyall Hollmer: Drums


Blink 182, Brand New, The Matches


"It’s just funny now. It was never supposed to come this far", confessed Jackson Crowe, guitar player and one of the founding members of self proclaimed ‘Passionpop Punk’ band Kid Chino. And here it is, 3 arduous years of battling with the complete lack of ‘surf coast music scene’, the genesis of their first EP, Passionpop Punk, a milestone in the musical careers of three bored boys. Kid Chino was brought to life Christmas Eve 2003 when guitarist Jackson Crowe and bassist Terry Wood formed a bond over the mutual love of music and South Park. After collaborating and creating a montage of punk infused pop songs, the dynamic duo (literally) twisted the arm of friend Kyall Hollmer to form a fully functional machine of music. “We are all best friends and we wanted to play music we had grown up listening to – and we were bored…” explained Wood. Drawing influences from a healthy wealth of rock, pop, punk and emo, Kid Chino have constructed their own unique brand of Australian pop punk which has allowed them to shake the label of ‘yet another Blink clone’. From the teen crooning of a boys love for a pop princess in ‘All My Dreams’, to the tales of the obstacles that come with true friendships and the trials and tribulations of growing up in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, their sophomore EP ‘Passionpop Punk’ provides a common ground for pop, punk and emo fans alike. Being fortunate to share a stage with bands such as ‘Antiskeptic’ and ‘The Vasco Era’ whilst juggling exams and parties are accomplishments that the boys hold in high regards, as well as utilizing the internet to build a fan base made up of people all over the world. “The internet is amazing. It’s awesome to get an email from like… Germany or America from somebody called ‘Tex’ or ‘Fritz’ saying ‘Hey I just found your song and I love it!’ Its rad.” explains Jackson. Who knows what 2006 will hold for Kid Chino, but the trio is ready to take a chance at their dream of the open road and captivate the rest of the world. Kid Chino endearing anecdotes of the joys of youth are sure to win over any crowd and by the last note of their truly energetic stage performance, you too will be smitten with Kid Chino.