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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Kids in Cults

band members

Mr. Glenn - guitar & vocals, Mr. Mark - drums, Mr Julian - bass AND Mrs. Larisa - tambourine


Cheap Trick, The sunnyboys, The Cars


It is written that; 'On the 13th day of the 13th month of the Lunar Calender, in the year 2013, the Perfect Pop/Rock song will be created. It is also written that; 'Four Musicians will come together and form a band that will be the catalyst for a Musical Revolution. And, once again Music shall be afforded its due recognition as a Valued, Powerful and Uniting Force in our Society. The much loved and admired Musical Genius' who have left this Mortal Realm, look down upon the current Musical Landscape and shake their heads. What has become of Music today, and what will it become tomorrow? Music, once Loved, Bought and Cherrished, is now Down-loaded, Stolen and Tossed-away. Music is Art, Art is Important. After careful deliberation, the Great Musical Spirits have chosen: Mr. Glenn, Mr. Mark, Mr. Julian & Mrs. Larisa to channel their Music and Songs through. At the core of every major Religion, Music features prominently and helps us Celebrate, Mourn and Reflect. With so much tension and distrust amongst the various Nations of the World, there is a 'Peircing Ray of Light and Hope' that shines so brightly and resonates within every one of us, with the ability to Unite Us All. The Ray of Light is Music. The Light Source is Kids In Cults. The Power is You - Turn It On! "Revved-Up 80's Guitar Rock" - Ron Peno (Died Pretty) In closing, allow me to reiterate - I love this CD. So should you, your friends and your family. So instead of jocks and socks, why not give the gift of music this Christmas and fill those stockings with 'On The Radio'? - James McKenzie (db magazine S.A)