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Indie, Rock

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Alister - Drum Tom - Guitar


Gang of Four, Tom Waits, Future Of The Left


From a city where real live music fans are scarce, Kids With Teeth began as the rhythm section of now defunct band The Daylight Braves. KWT was a musical birth that allowed us to create something that we had never done before, for pure enjoyment of producing energetic and psychedelic rock music. With no ulterior motives, we are happy to play to the smallest of crowds. For Fun. Kids With Teeth are a two piece noise machine from Adelaide, South Australia. In January 2013, Kids With Teeth were selected as one of Rip It Up Magazine's "Hit Six" artists for the year to come. "I’d definitely recommend looking Kids With Teeth up to get a taste of just some of the talent to be coming out of Adelaide at the moment; with bands like them on the go, you can be assured that unabashed rock music isn’t going anywhere pr being lost down here" - "Australia has seen the emergence of a lot of potentially great rock outfits in the last year or so with the likes of POND, Dune Rats and Gung Ho. Kids With Teeth, an indie/garage rock duo from Adelaide, Australia may be joining this list quite soon" - "Their guitar work, tight vocal harmonies, and references to Backstreet Boys lyrics only lifted the enjoyment of the set even higher" - SHOWS: October 5th - Adelaide - Damn Terran album launch October 18th - the crate record store


Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

05 Feb 2013

Triple J

a pretty wild ro...

a pretty wild rockin sound for a 2 piece - sounds great in headphones too ahahah

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Cam McTernan

30 Jul 2013


Fuzzy, phaser gl...

Fuzzy, phaser glory to melt your ears. So so so good.

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Horror My ...

12 Jun 2013


this is so good,...

this is so good, we just can't look at you. seriously cool track and good development from earlier tracks! keep it up dewds!

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