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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

No Doubt, The strokes, Arctic Monkeys

band members

Alannah Weir- Lead vox; Tom Carroll- Guitar, vox; David Mcilwraith- Guitar; Declan McIndoe- Bass; Joe Sollena, Drums


jack white, Little Birdy, Cage The Elephant

Unearthed artists we like

The Corsairs


Music Video for CONTROL FREAK Having spent the latter part of 2012 writing and recording with Little Birdy’s legendary Simon Leach, Kids Without Bikes are ready to launch their new single ‘Control Freak’ this summer. Having played a number of shows with the likes of Stonefield and Johnny Mackay of Children Collide, Kids Without Bikes have refined their live show, and have been credited by Mike Hohnen (music feeds) with "throwing off the normal shackles of traditional labels and pigeonholing", and redefining what "Rock and roll…should be". Kids Without Bikes have honed their show into something daring and brilliant, and with their unique brand of indie-rock’n’roll, they will have you out of your seat in no time!