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Indie, Rock, Roots


led zeppelin, the doors, the beatles, foo fighters, buckley, hendrix, sound garden, radiohead


Kieran Morris is a professional performer and songwriter from Sydney Australia. Growing up in a family of musician's and music lovers nurtured his passion for singing and in his early teens playing guitar. He joined a band and played gigs appearing regularly at venues around Sydney. In his spare time he developed his own style, writing personal and meaningful songs on his acoustic.

Now today Kieran is a skilled and developed songwriter and performer. In 2017 he produced his first solo EP "Come Alive." He often plays solo shows but also has a band of very talented musician friends that play with him. When it comes to his songwriting, he aims to connect with people and share something bigger than himself. When you watch his performance you can't help but get sucked into his world. His voice, strings, melodies create a unique experience, sound and performance.