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Pop, Indie

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Sez Wilks (vocals, vintage combo organs, 80s Yamaha keyboards, found sounds)


Shouting into a piano with the sustain pedal down, and running barefoot., Found furniture


w: e: fb: t: @kikuyumusic Kikuyu's debut album, "Hunter Gathered", out now! ------------------------------------------------------------ UPCOMING SHOWS IN 2013: MON 10 JUN @ The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC – with Kelly Dance, “Goodnight Berlin” album launch SAT 15 JUN @ The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC – Tidy Towns 7″ single launch SUN 16 JUN @ Hollywood Hotel, Sydney, NSW – with Kelly Dance, “Goodnight Berlin” album launch SAT 24 AUG @ The Empress Hotel, Fitzroy, VIC – supporting Hello Satellites (matinee show) >> Check Kikuyu performing 'Infodome' live at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide on 27 Jan 2013: *!*!*!* TOUR DIARIES *!*!*!* Since releasing Hunter Gathered in October 2011, Kikuyu has carried her electronic organ across Australia, New Zealand and China. >> Read Part 1 of Kikuyu's China tour diary here: >> Read Part 2 of Kikuyu's China tour diary here: ---------------------------------------------------- VIDEOS!!! SUMMER HELICOPTER (MAGIC SILVER WHITE REMIX) (2013): >> Watch the video: >> About: Director Brett Ludeman has shot a video for Magic Silver White's broody electro remix of Summer Helicopter. The clip escorts viewers through Tokyo back streets and into a sashimi restaurant where the menu gets messy. Crab pincers terrify, tofu bombs drop and noodles become strangling arms in a playful homage to 1930s Japanese monster movies. Guaranteed to make you wanna play with your food! TWO APPOINTMENTS (SUPER AYI VOCAL REMIX) (2013): >> Watch the video: >> About: Join Kikuyu as she travels the length of China by high-speed rail, bus and foot -- from Guangzhou's outdoor exercise parks to Changsha's steamy hawker food carts and Beijing's snow-covered rooftops. Featuring behind the scenes footage from Kikuyu's first live performance tour of China, October-November 2012. Kikuyu offers a large and heartfelt thank you to director Matt Richards and producers Heatwolves and DJ Caution for the considerable time, thought and effort they put into this xox SUMMER HELICOPTER (2012): >> Watch the video: >> About: Director Ryan Lloyd has interpreted Summer Helicopter's gentle analogue feel in his music video, shot on 16mm film with sweet, vintage vibes. INFODOME (2011) >> Watch the video: >> About: In 2011 Kikuyu won a competition through triple j Unearthed and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) to have a music video made -- FREE! The video was created by a team of NIDA students led by Daniel Lammin (director) and Lauren O'Flaherty (production designer). Check it out! ------------------------------------------------------------ KIKUYU'S LETTERBOX DROP Kikuyu’s Letterbox Drop is an email newsletter sent every few months. It’s a little window into Kikuyu’s world with behind the scenes stories and pics, exclusive giveaways and information about upcoming shows, tours and releases -- including occasional invites to SECRET SHOWS!! Sign up here:

Unearthed in 2011

NIDA Video Clips

22 May 2011




Congratulations to our 2011 NIDA winners!

These 6 lucky acts will have a live action video clip filmed for their track by a NIDA post-grad directing student.