Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age

band members

Robert Revelo - Vocals And Guitar Elliott Orban - Drums And Vocals Alex Milano - Bass And Vocals


Dream Theater, Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails


KTR are here to pollute the soundscape with an exhilarating brand of hard rock which is all their own. Fusing elements of funk, metal, ballads, experimentation and punk, their set is completely addictive; songs which lodge themselves in your subconscious long after you have seen them exploding out of the gates live. Robert’s distinctive vocal talent and on-stage presence style is reminiscent of Chris Cornell, Ian Astbury, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Jeff Buckley. Previously as a solo artist Robert received glowing accolades (his song “Closer” was one of the winning songs in the Master Open section of SCALA'S FOOM) for his compelling, honest performances which evoked power, reflection and haunting beauty. Elliott, who picked up drum sticks at age 4, featured as the relentless drumming force behind Sydney hard rock and metal outfits including Myriad, Rough Love, and Ace of Spades prior to Killing the Ritual. Upon Robert and Elliott’s first meeting, it was obvious that their respective musical goals would be met by working together. It wasn’t long before they entered a realm where Robert’s soaring vocals, scintillating hooks and cranking riffs united with Elliott’s thunderous, precision drumming (recalling the discipline and intricate beats of Mike Portnoy, Matt Cameron and Neil Peart). Alex brings the essential rhythm to Killing the Ritual, coolly delivering the band’s tasty, pulsating bass runs and demonstrating a punk sensibility – channeling Matt Freeman, Duff McKagan and Tim Cummerford – which has taken Killing the Ritual’s sound and approach to a new level. “A Sunset Strip metal set with gritty undertones and a splash of punk for colour” is how Fiona Cameron of the Drum Media described Killing the Ritual’s live performance – a show which leaves their audience amped and craving more. For fans missing honest hard rock - with bite – have no fear, it’s alive and well … Killing the Ritual are setting the stage alight at a venue near you in the near future.