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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

anger, sensation, Love

band members

Kimberley Bianca- Vocals, Poetry, Visuals, Samples, Collaborated Audio


pink floyd, Björk, Tom Waits


Kimberley Bianca's audio-visual practice is deeply expressive and process driven, integrating vocals, poetry, performance, visual art, sound and digital media. Working across these areas, she often collaborates on projects for live music, theatre, film and events. Kimberley focuses on the future, metaphysical concepts and the value of culture. An improvisational approach to technical artistic practice enables her to create diverse works. Fascinated by the constant inter-relationship between our imaginations, social situations and environment, Kimberley wishes to encourage radical change of ecological and social issues. Kimberley has performed her unique sets at festivals and events nationally. She has also VJ'd for all kinds of music, created scenic art, produced public art works and published poetry. "The future is where I look and I am currently working on some new exciting experimental performances"