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Electronic, Indie

band members

Caitlin Feagan - vocals Dan Linke - synthesisers


HTRK, Grimes, Liars, HEALTH, Fever Ray, Purity Ring, Sylvan Esso

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Kimonono formed from a mutual respect of reverb-laden dance music between Caitlin Feagan (lead vocals, synthesisers) and Dan Linke (synthesisers, guitar).

The duo draw influence from the the futurist synth-pop of the PC Music label, the icy industrial nihilism of HTRK, the minimalistic noise symphonies of Ben Frost and the dreamy songcraft of Grimes. The duo released their debut EP, “Kimonono I”, in August 2015, with a pair of singles in "Dream Dungeon" and "Lies" being released in 2017 and 2019 respectively.