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Minky G - Vox/Guitar Tom Drummond - Beats/Guitar James Claringbold - Bass Alex Borthwick - Guitar



Chill, lazy beats n vibes, Kindred. are the new sound of your summer! Mixing funky bass and soaring vocals with catchy grooves, this three piece will have you up and dancing in no time!
The group are all successful WA musicians from other projects: James Claringbold from the award winning Amani Consort; DJ Tom Drummond and singer/songwriter Minky G, bringing their skills together for one hell of a catchy sound!
They are releasing their second EP Two Tickets this week. From soulful to driving, relaxed to poignant, this EP takes their trademark Kindred. sound and has fun exploring new places with it!
“What an amazing voice! Minky G is a songbird we love to hear.” – Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel 2018
Kindred.’s sophomore EP Workin’ is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.