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Pop, Dance

band members

Luke Koteras - Guitar and vocals, Byron Mark - Drums and Keys

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Austin Busch and band



KINETIC METHOD is the musical sounds of Sydney-based musicians Luke Koteras and Byron Mark. Luke, well-known for his virtuosic acoustic guitar playing, brings a solid vocal talent, together with an array of dazzling effects, to the Kinetic Method sound. Byron adds musical flavours with his keyboard work, and establishes a solid groove with his unique percussion setup. With the multi-tasking abilities of both members, Kinetic Method creates a large wall of sound for just two people. Together, they perform in an electro-acoustic style that encapsulates elements of funk, dance, R&B and jazz. However, it isn’t only this diverse mix and pastiche of styles and musical talent that attracts attention. Having known each other and performing together in various musical acts over the years, Luke and Byron share a strong musical intuition on stage, allowing large scope for improvisation, and unique individual performances of their repertoire at each concert. Luke and Byron always perform with a strong passion and love for music and connect well with their audiences. They have performed internationally, including the UK, China, and Thailand during 2006 and 2007. In 2008, Kinetic Method performed a residency in the Australian snowy mountains, as well as touring the north-east coast in recent years. They also perform regular gigs around Sydney, as well as corporate functions. Kinetic Method completed their self-titled debut electronic album mid 2009, and more recently in 2010, released their acoustic album titled ‘Find a Friend’.