Artist info


Punk, Pop

Sounds like

The mighty bosstones, The Living End, Less Than Jake

band members

Chris Doughty (vocals) Brett Humphrey (guitar) Scott Xanthoulakis (guitar, vocals) Daniel Barlett (bass) Jason "Beef" Pettett (trumpet) Jayden Scarlet (trombone) Dylan Taylor (trumpet, trombone) Jason Xanthoulakis (drums)


Queen, Foo Fighters, Less Than Jake


Eight piece outfit The King City Seven have taken rock combined with fast-paced pop-punk, fused it with a diabolical horn section and have created a unique sound that is exciting, energetic and explosive - defining of their on (and off) stage antics. Their style? An unstable brand of ska-rock-pop. The King City Seven are definitely not your average band. They perfectly mold catchy choruses, intense rhythms, vigorous, melodic horns and their awe-inspiring stage presence into a true spectacle – a manifestation that must be experienced aurally and visually. Each live show is explosive always somehow unique and special to each audience they entertain. Every show enlists more and more people into The King City Seven’s ever-growing army of fans. With a long history, the band has their proverbial foot to the floor writing new material and planning their biggest Australian tours yet.