Artist info


Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys, Danzig, The Doors, The Rolling Stones , Band of Skulls, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

band members

Sunny Rowlands - Jimmy Buckley - Mike Montgomery - Josh Hall - Steve Gebhardt


The Rolling Stones, BRMC, QOTSA, Band of Skulls

Unearthed artists we like

Port Royal, Mini Skirt, Dumb Punts, Confidence Man



King Coyote consists of lead vocalist Sunny Rowlands (born 3 Oct 1988), drummer Steve Gerbhart (born 3 July 1986), guitarist James Buckley (Born 29 August 1991), bass player Josh Hall (born 10 July 1985) and guitarist Mike Montgomery (born 9 January 2000). The band is from Australia and California, USA: Sunny & Mike grew up in Port Macquarie, Steve is from LA, Josh from Forster & James hailing from Newcastle... King Coyote formed in January 2018 after stars aligning and worlds colliding. Here to shake it up.