Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots


Reggae Rock

Sounds like

The Black Seeds, Fat Freddy's Drop, Katchafire, John Mayer

band members

Ward Hancock -Guitar and Vocals Jake Underwood - Lead Guitar Sam Hesketh - Saxophone Carlin Towers -Drums and BV's Miguel Hutton - Keys Sean Hutton - Percussion and BV's


The Beautiful Girls, Lord Echo, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughan



When a band tours in Australia, it must be prepared to travel far and wide. KING RIVER RISING has followed the sun all over OZ - from Outback pubs, starlit bush festivals and gigs by the beach.

KING RIVER RISING’s pumping rhythm section and wailing soloists seamlessly blend Reggae and Rock, leaving fans yearning for more.

The band has been compared to the Black Seeds, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Kingfisha. Members have spent the past three years honing their craft in Melbourne, Australia’s musical capital, punctuated by hectic visits and sell-out shows all over the country – from Queensland in the north to Tasmania in the south, including Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, Adelaide and the Blue Mountains.

They have played classic venues like Cherry Bar and Hotel Steyne in Melbourne and Sydney and played a month-long tour of Australia’s East Coast East averaging 5.5 gigs per week.

KING RIVER RISING’s second EP will be released in January 2020 to coincide with a New Zealand tour set for the middle of the year.

Mixed by legendary Australian producer, sound engineer and musician Ian Pritchett of Noisegate Studios, it presents a truly exciting picture of the group’s musical trajectory and showcases chemistry that has grown through the highs and lows of touring, writing and gigging.

Pritchett has worked with the likes of The Beautiful Girls, Angus & Julia Stone, COG; and more recently Lyall Moloney, Boo Seeka and Bootleg Rascal. King River Rising are excited to hear his touch on the EP; of which provides delicacy as well as intensity throughout five tracks.

Rich and distorted guitar tones accompany sweet three-part harmonies, spacious and moody electric piano sits behind deep Reggae-styled snare, while thick, warm bass lays beneath the sharp stabs of the band’s talented horn section.

With a hunger to be pivotal players in Australia’s Reggae scene and hardened by two years on the road, KING RIVER RISING is a band to watch, with members pushing their own limits, as well as those of the Reggae Rock genre.

Check out KING RIVER RISING’s fresh take on Reggae Rock with a distinct Australian style.