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Roots, Pop

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Kirsty Keogh - Vocals, Guitar

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Helen Shanahan


Originally from a small town in Tasmania Kirsty Keogh has been highly involved in Music and Performance in Western Australian over the last 7 years. Kirsty is a talented and dynamic Musician with a distinct style and flavour who performs regularly in solo, duo and ensemble acts around Perth. She has been singing and playing guitar from a young age and after studying and teaching in early childhood education, decided to pursue a career in music and performance. In 2007 Kirsty gained a place at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and in 2010 completed a Bachelor of Music. This degree involved producing, recording, mixing, mastering and releasing an original album which was launched in October 2010 titled 'The Story'. Kirsty Keogh is a dedicated performer who is known for her rhythmic feel and soulful yet 'folky' sound. She is an incredible singer/songwriter and has big plans for her career as a musician, composer, teacher and entrepreneur. There is so much more to expect from this upcoming artist. Check out Kirsty Keogh's music and decide for yourself.