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Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Soul, Electric hip hop, Reggae

band members

Kitch: vocals/harp/Guitar/beatbox


Tupac shukar, Bob Marley, bob dylin

Unearthed artists we like

Radaza, Pigeon


Electso music is the name I call my new sound of music which represent Electric soul spiritual music. This is a mixture of spiritual and soulful words and awareness combine with the street poetry of Hip hop, soulful spiritual lyrics of Roots Reggae with the fusion of future music of today. Dance, Electro, house, Drum and Bass, Dub step, Breaks, with the mixture to up lift the soul , body and spirit and mind. I present my new flavour of my spiritual music with spiritual words of Marley, Harmonica tunes and punch of Bob Dylin, Honour and awareness of Shakur with the reaction of Chemical Brothers Mix to create ELECTSO MUSIC. My music is my ideas of keeping my roots and mixing with the music I play and perform today. I combine The old music which i grew up to and the new giving it the new fusion music, of LIVE,LOUD,DANCE on your feet music for the body , spirit and mind.



17 Jan 2012


luv this track!!! "makes my boody groove"

luv this track!!! "makes my boody groove"