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Muse, Foo Fighters

band members

Mikaela Kelly - Lead Vocals // Andoni Kapolos - Guitars, Backing Vocals // Jack Ainsworth - Guitars, Backing Vocals // Nathan Clarke - Bass // Denzel Taylor - Drums //

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Back with a fresh line-up, contemporary rock band Knight Over Day are stepping onto the scene. The group, from Adelaide SA, are contributing to an exciting new era of rock, bringing back sound evocative of Muse and the Foo Fighters.
The band’s storied history begins in a quintessential rock garage in 2014. The original line-up included the group’s first drummer and enduring guitarist/backup vocalist, Andoni Kapolos. With the addition of two high school friends and bassist, Nathan Clarke, Knight Over Day gained momentum and released their debut EP ‘Dreamweaver’ in December 2016.
Only months afterwards, the group underwent significant changes with two more departures, leaving Kapolos the sole original member. Now, after a year mixing studies with auditions, K.O.D (as they’re affectionately known) has been joined by several new additions, extending to a five-piece group. Vocalist Mikaela Kelly, drummer Denzel Taylor and guitarist/backup vocalist Jack Ainsworth have stepped in, lending the group a more contemporary sound and providing diverse influences, while remaining true to the foundation built by Kapolos and Clarke.