Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Charon, The Cure, Tool

band members

Jamie Dohm (vox), Alen Koljanin (Gitara), Brendan Bail (Guitar), Nikki McDerby (Bass), Kasia Bail (Drums)


Opeth, HIM, The Butterfly Effect

Unearthed artists we like

meniscus, ink, sleepmakeswaves, BUSHIDO


Fusing the dubious talents of an ER nurse, Croatian glamrock hero, disenchanted pharmacist, failed choir boy and Pocahontas, the Knights of the Spatchcock create their own hybrid of diverse music and have a good time doing so! On a glorious sunny afternoon in February of 2009 the Knights of the Spatchcock began a period of incubation. An impromptu jam between 5 good friends with diverse musical influences hatched some surprisingly listenable and strangely unique music. The Canberra based Knights of the Spatchcock take pride in their work and place having fun over taking themselves too seriously. The Knights of the Spatchcock invite loyal squires and wenches to their round (well, perhaps oblong) table of festive revelry and moral debauchery. There are no heroes here, only harbingers of aural pleasure. The Knights recently released their debut EP Ovum (available at and are generating considerable excitement with their high octane, Cirque du Soleil-esque and memorable (for all the right reasons) live performance.