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Zac, Ditch, Andy, Stevo


Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Oasis, The Rolling Stones , The Clash



The Knots are a bunch of lads from southern Sydney birthed from the still-beating heart of a freshly slain Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll demon mixed in a spicy broth of bangers and beer. Not beholden to just one style of music, their steaming cookpot of sounds has flavours of classic rock, sleazy blues and modern psychedelia. From playing packed shows around Sydney and sharing the stage with the likes of Luca Brasi and The Delta Riggs, the boys have distinguished themselves from the local music scene as a band to look out for. Having just recorded a debut EP at the renowned Grove Studios, The Knots are ready to unleash their contagious blend of rock on the unsuspecting world.