Artist info


Dance, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Dizzee Rascal, Roni Size/Reprazent, Shapeshifter

band members

Rehan : Digital Synthesis / Guitars / Samples Spex : Vocals / MC Hutch : Drums / Digital Synthesis / Samples D Tech : MC Slice : Dubs / MC / Samples


the Drum and Bass Jungle breakbeat scene of Europe, punk/metal bands from our school days, hip hop from the world all over

Unearthed artists we like

UNDERTOW, Sub Atari Knives, P.C.D.



KOBRA KAI HAVE JUST RELEASED THEIR SECOND ALBUM "INSESSION" Since being heralded Triple J’s state by state Unearthed winners in 2007, Kobra Kaihave continued to lead the future of live dance music in Australia. They have filled dancefloors for The Big Day Out, Futuremusic, Space Ibiza, Stereosonic, Creamfields, and Peats Ridge Festival, as well as a number of Australia’s thriving venues. They haveopened for international artists such as Roni Size & Dynamite MC, Killa Kella, DJ Marky & Stamina, Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, High Contrast, Andy C, and Skrillex. The live five-piece Bass Act is constantly pushing itself and its music, to deliver inspiring and memorable tracks to a wide audience. Following a successful LP(2011) and extensive Australian tour, the group spent most of 2012 in the studio working on its second LP titled ‘Insession’. The second LP is Kobra Kai’s best work to date. It takes Kobra Kai’s signature blend of drum n bass, jungle, breaks, grime, hip hop and dubstep to another level. ‘Insession’ witnesses the band exploring different styles and elements of music, as well as testing their abilities as individuals and as a group. Fans are to expect a large dose of bass heavy mania, with a technical blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. From intelligent rhymes and impressive vocal ranges, to technical drum beats and catchy riffs, Kobra Kai have cleverly combined musical genius with the catchy dance floor anthem. The second LP successfully exhibits Kobra Kai’s high level of instrumentation, musicianship, rhyme, and electronic production. Kobra Kai cleverly moulds the club scene with the live scene, working in a parallel world between the home digital studio and the live stage. Live drums, guitar and keyboards create a unique audio and visceral experience for spectators, who find themselves in a high energised dance floor frenzy! KOBRA-KAI! VIDEOS --------> Firestorm Glass Eye Rollerball Facebook