Artist info


Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Alice in Chains, Kyuss, black sabbath, brant bjork

band members

Fuzz: guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals Cloudy: guitar, bass, drums, vocals Smokes: guest drums Boland: guest vocals The Lever: rum drinker, deep thinker, knob twiddler and allround top bloke.


Alice in Chains, black sabbath, Pearl Jam, kyuss


Fuzz and Cloudy met in late 2012. After their first jam in a covers band they already shared a common passion for fuzzy tones and thick bottom ends. 2013 was spent gigging around the Gold Coast with a hard rock covers band (Maiden Tonne), but all the while creating their own brand of fuzz'd up goodness. Their debut album 'Snuffbox' is due for release in April, 2014. Here is a taste of what will be.......