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Darren Browne (vocals, guitar), Nazo Nazarian (lead guitar, backing vocals), Andre Sauzier (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Lucas Tolentino (drums, percussion, backing vocals)


Queen, Queens of the stone age, Foo fighters, Hans Zimmer, Pearl jam, Bob Dylan


From: Sydney, Australia
Founded in 2018
Genre: #Rock #Alternative

We are an Amateur band and by that we mean we don't get paid for what we do but that doesn’t mean we don’t act professionally.

We are Kody. An independent original band. We write, record, produce and perform all our own original music.

Formed in mid 2018 we are a new band from Sydney, Australia. With a backlog of unrecorded tracks we call “Stories” to tell, gigging and recording are the primary focus at present. We have played festivals including 'Spring Sounds' in Sydney, gigged on the Sydney circuit and are headlining a number of really small shows around Sydney.

Having only recorded 3 tracks until now “Devil” written through inspiration of the new “Joker" movie coming out 2019 and an Acoustic track “Let You Go” both having being featured on the Nova Radio Station in the UK and Fleurieu FM in Australia. We are now releasing "Lonely Bones" next in early April 2019.

The band is made up of an unlikely combination of individuals with an Irish Born Australian Frontman/Guitarist, a Syrian born Armenian Lead Guitarist, a Brazilian Drummer and Australian Bassist.

We want to be a band of the people and for the people. We express ourselves through our music and we love what we do. If you like what you hear and see then tell your friends, share our music and come say hello at a gig, we will be forever grateful for your support and that you enjoyed our music and passion in life.

Thank You for your support, KODY