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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

leonard cohen, Johnny Cash

band members

Konrad Lenz - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sequencer, harmonica. NOTE: On the Unearthed recordings the following artists are also included - Pete Burke: guitar on So Far in the Distance, Johnny Jessup: drums on Magdeline, Pegsy Jessup: bass on Magdeline, Ian Blakeley: guitar on Magdeline, James Sex Machine Nichols: electric guitar on Narrow Line and Seb Halme: backing vocals on Narrow Line.


Robert Johnson, Brian Eno, Patti Smith


Konrad Lenz is an artist/musician/photographer who was born in Sydney. As a solo performer and with his band the Spirits of the Dead (formerly the Lenzmen) he has performed at the National Folk Festival, the National Multicultural Fringe Festival, Schmooze Festival and many other places. He has been compared favourably to Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash. He lives in a tin garage with a fierce black doberman to keep him company and plans to make a feature film one day, Red Dirt Timescape, a violent sci fi revenge flick with three characters, a McGuffin and buckets of blood.