Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Queens of the Stone Age, At the Drive-In, Black Sabbath, The Mark of Cain, Rage Against The Machine

band members

Damo, Giacomo, Juggs, Kristoff & Matt



Kontrasto are a bunch of rock, punk, garage, metal, stoner, grunge, heavy AF degenerates just having a ball. Kontrasto play a dirty fresh & original brand of music that has been crafted over years of playing the around the Sydney scene in a bunch of other bands.

Kontrasto officially formed in early 2020, after a number of band line up changes, and with a catalogue of mostly recorded tracks to be finalised for release. And then COVID happened. Unable to head into the studio, the guys finished recording their parts in isolation. The EP was complete long before the entire band had their first proper rehearsal.

Kontrasto are:
Damo - Bass
Giacomo - Drums
Juggs - Guitar + Backing Vox
Kristoff - Guitar
Matt - Vox