Artist info



Sounds like

Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Ainslie Wills , Arc

band members

Koral: vocals, guitar Sam Knight: drums Emily Retsas: bass Aaron Nash: keys Django Rowe: guitar



Koral & The Goodbye Horses is the soundtrack to long nights spent on the open road, traveling heavy with heartbreak as you leave everything behind.

It’s the hypnotic sound of wheels on bitumen that dulls the nightmare and the beautiful bleak landscape which waits at every turn. It’s raw pain tempered by the lure of the horizon with its pale, distant promise of new beginnings.

"...Ad​elaide​’s Koral & The Goodbye Horses straddle a line between giants like PJ Harvey and more contem​porary voices like Ainslie Wills and Anna Calvi" - Rip It Up

After a youth spent listening to the crackling fuzz of Australian AM radio, her mother’s car was Koral’s first musical education: Gershwin, Elvis, The Beatles, Mama Cass and The Shirelles rang out on the long drives across the country.

From a young age, music lessons were a disaster. Piano, recorder, flute and violin all falling away when her teachers caught on that she was cheating at her theory practice and only playing by ear. At 11, she discovered an old record player at a garage sale and spent her only dollar on the vinyl that caught her eye: the cartoon cover of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. A chance gift of Jeff Buckley’s Grace in her teen years, the music store clerk’s suggestion of Uh Huh Her, her father’s favourite Zeppelin’s IV and big brother’s stolen copy of Vulgar Display of Power all have something to answer for in her sound.

“Koral’s performance will reaffirm your faith in the power of live music...” – CityMag

“Her vocal ability is second to none, and her guitar chops of a high standard… You will not want to miss such an incredible talent in the flesh.” – CargoArt Magazine