Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Halestorm, CKY, Karnivool

band members

Siana Davis - Vocals & Bass Ryan White - Guitar Sam Bertolone - Drums


Pantera, Tool, CKY, Bring Me The Horizon, Him



Krave are a dynamically expressive hard rock metal band that will leave you in a state of craze and bone buzzing adrenaline through their heavy riffs, exceptional vocal power and energetic stage presence. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Krave’s influences stem from the likes of Karnivool, CKY and Halestorm. Members, Siana Davis, Ryan White and Sam Bertolone work hard, they live and breathe their passion and deliver the best show imaginable. Krave delivers everything to their audience. Every song. Every show. The band’s mission is to gig, record and release music so fans crave more from Krave.