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Sounds like

Jarryd James

band members

Kristafor Farrenkothen, Ryan Trestrail, Jordan Middleton, Tom Riddell, Mitch Burke


James Vincent Mcmorrow, Dallas Green


Kristafor is a singer/songwriter out of Sydney, Australia. His unique melodies and guitar driven tracks are a standout in today’s industry. His sound is inspired by the likes of City and Colour and James Vincent McMorrow but he has taken this sound further, developing something raw and truly beautiful. After spending 2014 honing his craft and developing a unique sound, Kristafor has just finished working on two tracks with producer Michael Mcglynn (vienna people studios - Little May and L-Fresh The Lion).
After making heads turn at support gigs in 2014, Kristafor is set to for a busy year of performing and making waves across the Australian music scene. Kristafor has landed some notable support slots including Timberwolf and Karl S. Williams, playing venues such as Oxford Art Factory and The Vanguard in Newtown and has showcased to industry heavyweights at the first Australian Music Week showcases.
All too often acoustic artists are overlooked in the current music industry for their similarity, however Farrenkothen’s sound is something truly unique and resonating.