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“Trampled is the album 2020 needs to get us out of the doldrums.”

Kristie and the Kindred’s Kristie Smith is unashamedly reclaiming the FM airwaves for women who love to rock. But she’s got no time for the macho boy’s club that so often comes with the sort of guitar toting anthems she writes. And don’t get her started on the other side of things. Being politically correct just isn’t in Smith’s armoury.

With Kristie and the Kindred’s debut album, Trampled, what you get is a slab of songs that have sing along choruses, blues rock guitar licks and a very tasty sprinkling of pop and hip hop. And while singer, songwriter and leader of the Kindred pack, Kristie Smith, tells it like she sees it and sings it like she means it, she’s got a wicked sense of humour that will soon have men (and women) all over the globe singing along with her as she belts out, It’s just your ego / It’s just your big male ego.

Trampled is the album 2020 needs to get us out of the doldrums. These are songs with passion, desire, lust and wicked joy. Smith sings of pain, abuse, desire and finding a place in a world that would close her out if she didn’t have the scratch and bite to fight her way to the front of the queue. They tell the world’s story from an unashamedly female perspective, unafraid to take on the difficult subjects and equally happy to shout to the masses just what empowerment feels like. When you’re in charge of your mind and body, no one can hold you back!

“I’m not afraid to say things the way I see them,” Smith said of the songs on Trampled, “and while it’s sometimes a sick world we live in, there’s always a light, you just have to look ahead, somewhere down the road, there’s always something that lifts us up.”

“With these songs, I’m aspiring to leave those feeling down-trodden by life comforted and connected. I want people who’ve been through the wringer to feel uplifted by my lyrics and I want my music to move them. These songs are personal to me and I know there will be a lot of people out there who find themselves in my words. I just hope that, while I’m tapping into minds, I’m also moving bodies.”

The songs on Trampled were triggered by Smith’s relationships and a series of brief encounters. One such encounter was with a random girl who started showing up to gigs, who confessed she was a member of a fetish club and enjoyed being whipped in public. Another short-lived encounter was with a man who pursued a predatory relationship with Smith, refusing to take no for an answer.

“It really is true what they say,” Smith said of the songs on Trampled, “people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Generally speaking, it would seem that I tend to write songs about people when their season is up!”

Kristie Smith is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her collaboration with producer Pete Grandison: guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and engineer at Shanghai Twang recording studios saw the maturation of Trampled realise her original vision by merging her brick-to-the-face lyrics with all the right licks in all the right places. The end result is a blues rock powered message of empowerment that will not fail to move you.

What the media are saying about Trampled
Trampled is an album that holds within its track listing some solid gold classics of the sort that some groups of boys and men still want to be all about the male ego. Kristie’s words and vocals broaden the canon and make it relevant in the 21st Century, and the elements of pop and hip hop thrown in make the songs all the more accessible and fresh.
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Trampled is due for release on 30 June 2020 through all digital platforms.

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