Artist info



Sounds like

ACDC, Living End, The Who

band members

Renee Lapira- Vocals Tom Staeck -Guitar Daniel Fox- Drums Ron Kerr - Bass


led zeppelin, Midnight Oil


KSL was formed mid 2005. All 4 Band Members are from the Greensborough/Eltham area in Victoria/Australia. Our music is best described as catchy Rock with tunes that stay with you long after the show and nearly all our songs are originals. What we love doing best is playing live gigs and we like to model ourselves on such energetic acts like “The Who”. A typical set would consist of about 40 minutes of fresh, concentrated numbers spread over about 10 songs. We regularly play at venues around town, also at Festivals and All – Ages Freeza events and have recently played alongside bands such as Frenzal Rhomb and Grinspoon at PushOver 2006 When not performing live, we keep busy writing new material and rehearsing. Band members are: Renee Lapira on vocals Tom Staeck on guitar Ronnie Kerr on bass Daniel Fox on drums What does KSL stand for ? – Nothing in particular really (it’s only a band name anyway), Today we may be Kiss Sexy Lips, tomorrow perhaps Knowledge Saves Lives and any other day we could be Keep Soil Loose, King Solomon’s Lemons or anything you would like us to be. Cheers from KSL