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Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

madness, sublime, reel big fish

band members

Wes Kingsford - Vocals/Guitar, Matty 'B' Millsom - Drums, Thom Swain - Bass, Skye Taylor - Saxophone, Max Pockley - Trumpet, Mitch Van Kesteren - Trombone


Big D and the kids table, RX Bandits, Mad Caddies



A lot can happen in 9 years. A group of Melbourne high school friends can form a ska band, have a mountain of laughs as they watch it grow, welcome new friends and farewell old ones, and experience multiple phases of just wanting to drop it all and play pirate metal instead! Despite it all, The Kujo Kings have stuck to their roots and entertained many dancefloors over the years with their catchy ska-punk originals. Live shows have always featured witty lyrics and horn-driven melodies, and members have oft been known to don colourful costumes – making lasting impressions! Until now, the only thing lacking has been a full-length album to capture the band’s energy and personality and transport it from the stage to the living room.

The long-awaited debut LP, ‘Royal Danger’ is a celebration of the energetic sounds and unique, cheeky personality for which The Kujo Kings have been renowned over their career. Whilst writing much of the album over the past two years, it also features songs written by past members Josh Szabo and Hughie Hanily, and even includes musical ideas dating back to early song-writing from the band’s infancy. Teaming with producer, Sam Johnson (The Smith Street Band, The Bennies) at Melbourne’s Holes & Corners recording studio, the band set out to re-establish the punch from earlier recordings and ultimately make ska great again!

With songs to make you laugh, dance, reminisce, and make that face like when someone tells you a cringeworthy joke that you secretly enjoyed, ‘Royal Danger’ will keep you guessing from start to finish.

Due for release March 1st, 2019.


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

02 Mar 2019

Triple J

A fun bopper that gets your feet a tap-tap-tapping.

A fun bopper that gets your feet a tap-tap-tapping.